It’s been forever since I posted. Lots going on so this will be brief. It’s March already, I can’t believe it. I am happy to report I did get the chance to go visit my “pop” again this Christmas. We did basically the same thing we did last year, we spent time together. I love to watch my pop as he digs deep into his memory to search for stories of days gone by, and watch his eyes light up when he tells me stories from his past adventures. Every year he leads me to believe that he won’t be around next year, that this is his “last Christmas.” ┬áIt makes me sad to think that one there will be a Christmas without my poppy, which makes me appreciate each Christmas we do get to spend with each other even more.

That’s all I have for right now. It’s a crazy busy year for me, but I will check back in before next Christmas rolls around.


Talk soon!