Welcome to my new website. Lionel Polar Express Train Set. My name is Trevor. When I was growing up my mom used to tell me about the Lionel Trains her dad, my grandfather would set up under the Christmas Tree every year. She would tell me how excited she would get about those trains. Asking her dad everyday after Thanksgiving if i was time to set the trains up yet. Every day after school she would run home from the bus stop to ask and he would say “No, not yet.”  Every day she would rush home from school just to hear the same answer, “no, not yet.” Until one day about two weeks before Christmas her dad would ask her if she would help him get the trains out of the attic. She told me how she would bolt up the stairs as fast as she could to watch her father remove thesecret panel that led to the attic. She would have to climb through a small opening while her father held the flashlight shining the light over to where the boxes where that help those wonderful amazing trains! Slowly, ever so slowly she would slide the boxes towards the opening of the attic. Her dad would reach in a grab the boxes and ever so gently remove them from their resting place. He would carefully and slowly slide each box out the small attic entrance until they were all out. After they were carefully placed on the bedroom floor her dad would help her out of the attic.  He would gently dust of the boxes and open them up.  My mom couldn’t wait to see those beautiful trains!  Her dad would let her look at them but when she asked if they could set them up she was told it would have to wait for the weekend!  That week felt like the longest school week of the year!  All she could think about was setting up the tracks, locking each track into the next exactly right so the train wouldn’t run off the track.  My mom told me her two favorites where the locomotive locomotive and the caboose.caboose

My mom would talk about all her friends and family coming over to her house on Christmas Eve to help decorate their Christmas Tree and how everyone talked about her dads Lionel Trains.  My mom’s friends even love Lionel Trains. My mom’s friends from Spring Hill Tree Specialists and Pest Control of Spring Hill have Lionel Trains that they still set up every Christmas.  My mom loves to go visit them because it reminds her of when she was a kid. I love to see the joy it brings to her face when she sees those trains.  I can almost imagine her as a little girl setting up those trains with her dad.

Laying on her stomach on the floor along side her dad as he carefully pieced together the tracks so the trains would run smoothly and not jump the rails.  She would tell me how her dad once the tracks were all put together would do a “test run.” Once the test run was done, the real excitement would begin.  On Christmas Eve after the Christmas Tree was decorated her family would all lay on their stomachs around the Christmas Tree. Her dad would put a little white pill in the steam stack of the Locomotive and he would then yell all aboard and off the train would go!!  Around and around the Christmas Tree.  Everyone would have a supervised turn at the controls.  Oh what fun!!



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